Lifesong Newsletter – March 2016

Redding FamilyThe Baltimore Connection!Marc Redding

If this is your first time reading our monthly updates, please take the time to go to “About Us” and learn why you see our family picture from 2006 to your left and a current picture of Chrissie and I to your right.  “Lifesong” is our theme for a very important reason, and we want you to get to know us, not just our ministry!  Thank you for taking time to pray for us!


APOLOGIES…For those of you who keep up with us, you know this newsletter SHOULD HAVE been posted on the first day of March, but we missed our mark!!!  We wanted to send this out late just in case some of you missed the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!!  You can still give.  See below….

A Time to Give…AAEOSlider

For those of you who have been Southern Baptist for a long time, you know that the Easter Season is one of the two seasons we set aside for special missions offerings.  We believe that telling the story of Our King bringing life out of death deserves our BEST EFFORT!  Therefore, every Easter Season, we take the time to highlight the work of our North American Mission Board.  We also ask for every believer to join hands with us and contribute over and above their normal tithe in order to help us reach North America with the Gospel.  We call it our Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, but you may not know why.  Will you take a few minutes to go to the ANNIE ARMSTRONG EASTER OFFERING  website?  Will you give?  We could not function in our efforts if it were not for the partnership we have with NAMB.  Please prayerfully consider what amount God may want you to sacrifice, click on the “Donate” button, and send it today!  Also…PRAY!!!


Chrissie’s Corner

Rush Hour
Chrissie’s Favorite Road!

This is too short, but it’s needed!  Chrissie is really enjoying her place at the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network (AKA-Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware).  She is such a blessing to the entire Church Multiplication Squad!  HOWEVER, we thought it would be very appropriate to send you a picture of what she sees on a daily basis.  This is a picture (no she didn’t take it!) of 695 where 70 turns off.  This is Chrissie’s FAVORITE part of what she does….NOT!!!

So, for all of you North Carolina folks who get excited when you go through Boger City, just think of Chrissie on 695 and enjoy your ride!!!


News from Marc…

What an amazing month!  If you didn’t take the time to read our mid-month “announcement,” please take the time to go back and read it!  This month has been one of the most exciting ones since we came to Baltimore!  Over the past several months, I have been working with our team to get things ready for 2016.  If you remember from our February Newsletter, we had a wonderful Orientation back in January!  However, everything announced during January was actually started in February.  Although you got a glimpse of our first Cohort Gathering in Baltimore, we also had our Southern MD and Eastern Shore cohort gatherings as well.  We also were able to complete our first month with all of our planters coached!  I want to thank all of our coaches for their hard work AND for allowing me to help coordinate the effort.  Let me also thank our planters for their participation and feedback!  So…Dino Senesi and Jamie Limato, you really are helping change the culture of our church planting here in Baltimore, and we appreciate all you are doing!  Before I leave this subject, I want to thank my wife!  All of you who have known me for any length of time know that Chrissie does more behind the scenes than can even be counted!  With her helping in the role of Administrative Assistant for our Multiplication Team, she has made every cohort gathering and all of the coach pairing process so much easier.  “Thank You,” Chrissie…from all of us!!!

I hope you who are partnering with us realize that the activity mentioned in the previous paragraph represents part of the fruit of your willingness to partner with us.  Fifty-three new churches are forming out of the lives who came to these cohort gatherings.  We want to help these new churches have a healthy start, and you are a huge part of that process!  Please know that we could not do what we do without you!!!

Let me give you a couple of quick updates with some of our personal ministry…Chrissie and I finished February out with our first home small group of five Chinese families.  Although Chrissie loves Chinese food, neither of us had experience authentic Chinese food before.  Although our new Chinese friends had to listen closely to our “Southernese” language, we had a wonderful time, and look forward to our next time together!  Our work at Cockeysville Baptist Church continues to be such a blessing to us!  Please pray for that church family as we make plans for our Spring efforts to better reach our community!

I want to close this month’s newsletter out by sharing a video with you.  Jeff and Kelly Belcher are church planters from Alabama.  They are allowing God to birth a multiplying movement throughout the Baltimore region by using a modified house church model of reaching people.  Please watch the link below.  Share it in your services during your Annie Armstrong emphasis, share it with your small group, share it with your Sunday School class, and send it to as many people as you can find to spead the news that God is moving in Baltimore!  Thank you Jeff and Kelly, and Church of the Harbor for all you are allowing God to do through you!!!



We’ve already got a ton of things to share with you next time, so keep praying for us!  Again, we thank you all for partnering with us in this calling!  If you are not currently partnering with us, but you would like to, please go to “Partners” tab, read through the ways to partner, and fill out the information at the bottom of the page.  We love you all and thank God for your love for us!!!